Grooms Custom Remodeling has completed several wonderful jobs for me, both at my home and office. The work was precise, professional, and completed on time. The areas were always left very clean both during the work and after completion. I definitely would use this company again and highly recommend their service.

Carol Uebelacker M.D.
Delafield, WI

We recently completed a home remodeling project which included our half bathroom, hallway doors, and hallway woodwork. We were so fortunate to have hired Mark Grooms for the job. We had seen Mark's work (precise miters on crown molding) before hiring him and knew that he was an extremely skilled carpenter. We were not disappointed. Mark was professional at all times, paid attention to detail, and was creative and thoughtful with remodeling suggestions. The French doors that serve as an entry to our hallway were expertly installed. Our half bathroom and hallway have been completely transformed. We would (and have) confidently recommend Mark Grooms for anyone's home remodeling project.

Patrick and Patty Murphy
Brookfield, WI

Last spring my wife and I embarked on a major remodeling job – hardwood floors throughout the family room, dining room and hallways; completely remodeled the kitchen with new cabinets, plumbing, electrical and ceramic tile flooring; re-faced an old brick fireplace with marble and a new wooden hearth; replaced trim throughout the house; replaced door sweeps and added a new front door; and added columns to the entryway.

Mark was with us every step of the way, and even afterwards following up to make sure everything was perfect! There are so many kind things I have to say about Mark and I am happy to refer him to anyone interested in home remodeling! Below are just a few of the reasons why:

  • He’s extremely patient. He met with us several times when we were trying to “figure out” exactly what we wanted to do. He showed us ideas and concepts, but never tried to “sell us” on anything in particular. He wanted us to find what was right for us. Perhaps the reason he didn’t have a hidden or directed agenda is that he was so confident that he could deliver professional results no matter which direction we ultimately chose.

  • He’s prompt and very organized. I was surprised at how many people asked me when we started the project “are you having troubles getting the contractor to show up?” Maybe this is the norm in the industry, but was never the case with Mark. He was always prompt, reliable and professional, and I feel sorry for anyone who would have to go through with a major project wondering if their contractor would be there to deliver on the work. With Mark this was never a concern.

  • He’s very detail oriented. If there were any flaws, or difficulties Mark would be the first to identify them, point them out and get them corrected. He would see things that I wouldn’t – like the sub-floor in our family room where an addition was put on several years ago was slightly bowed. He groomed the floor to smooth this out and the final result is that with the new hardwood flooring is more level than the previous carpeted flooring we replaced.

  • He takes pride in his work and pride in our satisfaction. There were two constants throughout the entire remodeling job. One – he wanted to see the work done right, and more importantly; two – he wanted us to be elated with the results. He achieved both!

A major remodeling job can be so overwhelming. With an older house like ours (1957) there were so many directions we could have gone. We had to consider what items to address, and then how to do it within a realistic budget. Looking back those were the difficult decisions. As for which contractor to use – that’s the easiest one – Mark Grooms!

Matt and Renee McCoy
Brookfield, WI

Thank you so much for all the hard work that went into creating & building the new staircase inside the entry to our old 1893 school house home. We appreciate the exceptional quality in materials, professionalism and workmanship. You most definitely achieved the “WOW” factor. Not from a skin deep façade or from slapping lipstick on a pig, but rather through a carefully developed & detailed plan, followed up with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Larry & Paula Schier

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